5 Tips for Setting Up an Effective Portable Air Conditioner

5 Tips for Setting Up an Effective Portable Air Conditioner

Even if you have an HVAC system, portable air conditioners are a great way to save on your electricity bill without compromising comfort—especially if you tend to spend most of your days or nights in one room. They're also easy to install, move from room to room, and maintain without any hassle. But did you know you can increase the effectiveness of your AC with just a few simple steps? 

To help you get the most out of your portable AC, we've compiled our top five tips to ensure a long-lasting appliance that keeps your home comfortable for years to come. 

Cover windows in rooms that get direct sunlight

The Department of Energy (DOE) found that 76% of the sunlight that hits your windows turns to heat. Covering your windows with curtains or blinds is an easy fix to keep the ambient temperature lower. It'll save your portable AC from doing extra work, and your space will get to that perfect temperature even more quickly.

If you're shopping for curtains, insulated blackout curtains that completely block out the sun are best. To reduce heat, draperies should be hung as close to windows as possible and fall onto a windowsill or floor.

Weatherstrip windows and doors


Poorly sealed windows and doors will leak hot air into your home all summer long. No need to worry though—it's easy to plug gaps, holes, or cracks with weatherstripping like an insulating foam tape. For more information on different types of weatherstripping and installation, check out the DOE's guide. Also, if you find gaps in any stationary, immovable components, you can use caulk to plug them. See this guide for more

Keep doors and windows closed

Portable ACs cool down the immediate area around the unit, so you want to prevent that cold air from escaping through any open doors or windows. 

Additionally, if there are warmer rooms that you don't use, keep the door closed so the heat doesn't leak into the rest of your home. 

Soundproof your portable AC

While portable ACs are not loud by any means, they're not whisper-quiet either. Compressors tend to get a touch noisier with age, but there's an easy fix for this: To dampen sound from the compressor, absorb the vibrations by placing your unit on a thick foam pad from the hardware store. A rug or old blanket would also work. 

Strategically use your portable AC to save energy and money 

With a tiny bit of planning, portable ACs can help you save big on your electricity bill. If you're working all day in your home office and then sleeping at night in your bedroom, there's no need to waste money cooling down the entire house. Instead, set your thermostat to a warmer temperature and use your portable AC. 

Are you shopping for a portable AC? 

Investing in a portable air conditioner is a wise decision to keep you comfortable. Checking out our full range of Honeywell Portable ACs here.


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