Dehumidifier FAQs

Does the outlet on the continuous drain fit an ordinary garden hose?

For the Honeywell TP series Dehumidifiers (TP30WKN/TP50WKN/TP70WKN/TP30AWKN/TP50AWKN/TP70AWKN)

The TP Series Dehumidifiers do come packaged with a drain tube for continuous drainage. You can attach a standard garden hose for continuous drainage but the max length is about 1 meter OR, you must have the hose positioned vertically downwards below the height of the dehumidifier. The continuous drainage feature relies on gravity to pull the water condensation through the hose and thus if it is too long and straight, the water may collect inside the hose or return to the unit. This is standard for most gravity drain dehumidifiers. You could buy the Honeywell model TP70PWK with drain pump which would allow you to extend up to 5 meters as the pump helps to push the water further.

What does the Sleep Mode on my TP Series Honeywell Dehumidifier do?

The Sleep mode on the TP Series Dehumidifiers dim the light on the control panel and mirage display for better comfort when needed. However, the light does not completely switch OFF in order to keep settings visible throughout operation.

My unit was delivered with a broken package and/or missing parts. What do I do?

We are sorry that this has happened. Honeywell Air Comfort products are packaged with ISTA-6 or ISTA-3 certified packaging made to support typical delivery. Often units will get damaged during the delivery process which is out of the manufacturer’s control. Please first contact the retailer where you purchased the unit from and they should be able to help you with an exchange. If further issues persist, please contact our Customer Support center.

There is an Error Code on the display of my TP series Honeywell Dehumidifier – What do I do?

See below troubleshooting instructions for the error codes. If problems persist, please contact Customer Support at