It’s no fun being a hot dog

Help your pet stay cool
this summer

Learn more
increase in temperature can cause heatstroke
the time in which heatstroke can cause death
of pets diagnosed with heatstroke do NOT recover
Did you know?
It’s not always fun in the sun for your four-legged friend. Know your facts for a safe, happy pet this summer.
Pets don’t sweat
Dogs cool off by panting to evaporate moisture
through their tongues.
Stay alert
Heatstroke can cause organ failure and death within minutes.
Who’s at risk?
Breeds with short muzzles, double coats, and thick fur are extra sensitive to heat.
Take extra care
Very old, young, overweight, and sick pets are at higher risk of heatstroke.
Heatstroke kills
Know the signs, protect your pet.
  • Glazed eyes
  • Scared expression
  • Seizures
  • Racing heartbeat
  • Lethargy or collapse
  • High temperature
  • Muscle tremors
  • Diarrhea
  • Bloody stool
  • Excessive panting & drooling
  • Bright red/blue tongue or gums
  • Excessive thirst
  • Vomiting
Emergency First Aid for Heatstroke
Every minute matters when it comes to saving your pet’s life. Here are some immediate steps to help your furry companion.
Bring your pet to a cool, shaded area with a fan or air cooler
Place a damp towel on him or wet him with cool (never cold) water
Ensure that he drinks small amounts of water at short intervals
IMPORTANT: Heatstroke requires immediate medical attention. Call your vet and rush your pet to the hospital if needed.
Natural fresh cooling for your pet
Keep your furry friends cool, happy, and safe this summer with our insanely powerful, cost-efficient indoor and outdoor Air Coolers.
Shop Evaporative Air Coolers
Evaporative Air Cooling for your Pet
Air Coolers are not only cost-effective and eco-friendly, they are also great for keeping your animal friends cool and comfortable.
How do evaporative air coolers work?
Be 20 degrees cooler
Provide instant relief by lowering room temperature by up to 20 degrees F.
Enjoy fresh, natural breeze
Keep your pooch calm and restful even on hot, dry days.
Use indoors or outdoors
Cool off with your pets indoors or while lounging in your backyard.
It’s not always fun in the sun for your four-legged friend. Know your facts for a safe, happy pet this summer.
Ideal for ventilated rooms
Air Coolers are a great way to cool animal-friendly, airy rooms.
Easy to move around
Built-in casters make for easy mobility around the house.
All-day cooling
Run them continuously by refilling the water tank when it’s empty.
Other cooling options
Here’s a lowdown on some of the other cooling options for your pet this summer. Check out when to use what.
Air conditioners
Ideal when humidity hits 70%.
Cooling mats
Great to carry along on beaches and picnics.
Not a good choice for cooling your pets.
Suggested models
Handpicked Air Coolers for your pet
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Patchkins scampers to the air cooler every time I turn it on. It’s an easy way to lure her out of her hiding nooks.
Beth (Patchkins)
Ever since we bought our air cooler, Lola hasn’t gotten away from it. I don’t mind running the unit all day because it cools our living room pretty nicely too.
Steve (Lola)
Peanut & Butter love curling up together in front of the new air cooler. Must say, this new found peace is a relief from their continuous shenanigans.
Vanessa (Peanut & Butter)
Rover suffers from mild heat exhaustion so ever since I purchased an air cooler, my boy has been healthier and more lively.
Jason (Rover)
Ash is a diva and does not appreciate it when our home gets too hot for her liking. So I got her an air cooler. I can say that she’s a fan! (No pun intended).
Olivia (Ash)
I love taking Lily out to our backyard, but I worry about the heat. I bought our first evaporative cooler and now we spend every evening outside.
Chloe (Lily)
Gumball recently gave us a scare when he collapsed from excessive heating. Our vet suggested we invest in an air cooler, and we did. Best decision ever!
Alex (Gumball)
Blow ‘em away

Think back to the cool, fresh breeze that wafts in from the ocean. That’s evaporative cooling.

Air conditioners
Ideal when humidity hits 70%.
Air conditioners are the best way to stay cool in areas with high humidity. ACs collect a room’s hot air and convert it into cool air using refrigerant gas. For pets, portable air conditioners can offer more convenience in terms of their mobility and compactness.
Cooling Mats
Great to carry along on beaches and picnics.
Cooling mats are water or gel-based, and only effective for 2-3 hours at a time. They need to be refrigerated or recharged after every use. Cooling mats are great for picnics, beaches and other outdoor activities. But if your pet is a chew-monster, they may not last very long.
Not a good choice for cooling your pets.
Fans don’t cool the air. They work by circulating the air in a room, causing sweat to evaporate, thus making us feel cooler. Since dogs don’t sweat, running a fan will not cool them. Look for other cooling solutions if you experience temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit.