Saving Energy with Portable ACs

Saving Energy with Portable ACs

Many Americans are grappling with spike in their electricity bills, with people in Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, and New York experiencing rates that are up nearly 15 percent. With the increased use of air-conditioning in the summer, people are poised to spend even more on energy costs.

One way to mitigate these rising costs without sacrificing your comfort this season is to invest in a more economical cooling solution than simply using whole-house AC. With a portable air conditioner (PAC), you can cool down hotspots in problem areas, lower the temperature in rooms with electronics or heat-producing appliances, and save energy at night by cooling only the room you sleep in.

Cooling down hotspots


Even with central cooling, there are some areas in your home that just refuse to get cold. These hotspots can be a serious inconvenience, forcing you to choose between ramping up your AC and raising your electricity bill or remaining uncomfortably hot.

Rooms with excessive sunlight, such as those with big windows without drapes or curtains, can get especially warm. South-facing rooms are likewise exposed to more light for longer hours. You might also find that some enclosed rooms in your home are always unusually warm and stuffy. When you have hotspots like these, does it really make sense to turn up the cooling for your entire home? Instead, you can just use a portable air conditioner when you’re in a hotspot location. That way, you don’t have to waste money making the whole house chillier just to reach a comfortable temperature in one room.

Cooling down rooms with electronics or heat-producing appliances

The more heat-producing appliances or electronics in a room, the more heat will be generated. This means that rooms like kitchens, with their stoves, ovens, and tea kettles, as well as game rooms, with their many consoles and computers, can all experience warmer conditions than the rest of your home.

There are many ways to stay cool in your game room or kitchen, but one is to move your portable AC into the room to offset the heat. That way, you and your electronics can stay cooled down without unnecessarily (and expensively!) chilling out the rest of your home.

Cooling down bedrooms

One of the best ways to save with portable air conditioners is to turn off your central AC at night. By setting up your PAC in your bedroom and cooling only the room you sleep in, you can save up to 72% on electricity costs. Many models, like the Honeywell HM2CESAWK8, produce only around 54 dBA so you can sleep comfortably all night.

So now you can make a significant dent in your electricity bills by utilizing your portable AC in hotspot areas, in spaces with heat-producing appliances or electronics, and in your bedroom at night.

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