Easy Troubleshooting Tips for Your TP Series Honeywell Portable Dehumidifier

Easy Troubleshooting Tips for Your TP Series Honeywell Portable Dehumidifier

Facing issues while running your Honeywell Portable Dehumidifier? Refer to our quick fix guide below to troubleshoot some of the common concerns.

Issue: Dehumidifier is not dehumidifying

There may be a number of reasons for this issue. Check for the following:

-          The space may be too large for the dehumidifier size. Try placing the unit is a smaller room. If there is a division of rooms/hallways inhibiting the operation of the unit, please remove the obstructions.

-          Compressor may not be working. Lower humidity setting to at least 10% lower than the RH of the room to activate the compressor. 

-          Space may not be humid enough. Ensure that the setting on the unit is lower than the room RH. Note: A recommended healthy humidity level is between 40-50%

-          Door or window may be open. Leaving doors and windows open allows more humidity to enter the room, making it difficult for the unit to properly function.

-          Appliances such as clothes dryers, dishwashers, and humidifiers will add humidity to the area. Check your surroundings for appliances adding humidity.

-          Improper circulation around the unit - there should be 17” of space surrounding the unit for proper circulation.

-          Extension cord being used. Although we do not recommend using an extension cord, please ensure to consult with an electrician for the correct gauge size.

-          Ensure that you have allowed the unit enough time to dehumidify. 

Issue: Getting an error code

Each error code communicates something different and needs to be addressed with a different resolution. Let’s take a look at each one of these codes and what to do if or when they appear.

-          Error code: P1

Cause: Water tank not installed or positioned correctly

Solution: This only appears for model TP70PWK / TP70PWKN / TP70PWKNR with Built-in Drain Pump. Unplug the dehumidifier from the power outlet. Remove and re-position the water tank correctly into the unit. Unit will not operate until the water tank is secured in the correct position. Plug into the power outlet and turn ON to see if the error code has disappeared.

-          Error code: EH

Cause: Missing washer in the auto drain cap

The washer may have fallen out during shipping. Please check the packaging for a part that looks like the image below-


-          Error code: E1 / E2

Cause: Temperature sensor failure

Solution: Please contact the Customer Support Center*.

-          Error code: E3

Cause: Refrigeration System Protection

Solution: If E3 appears, check if the ambient room temperature has exceeded 89.6oF. If yes, the unit may not run until the room ambient temperature has reduced to below 86oF for at least 2 hours or try to remove the unit to a cooler room for at least 2 hours before running dehumidification mode again

If the E3 appears again in 2 hours, please turn off the dehumidifier for 24 hours to reset the settings and then turn ON again.

If E3 appears after 24 hours reset, please contact the Customer Support Center*.

-          Error code: E5

Cause: Abnormal Pumping Drainage

Solution: Check that Auto Drain Pump Tube and Auto Drain Pump Cap is connected and properly installed onto the Drain Outlet. Check the seal washer (transparent) in drain tube cap is properly installed inside.

Check that the Direct Drain Outlet is clean and not jammed by sediments collected on and around the outlet.

Check to see that the correct Auto Drain Tube is being used. Your dehumidifier comes with a 16ft/ 5m long Auto Drain Pump Tube. The tube should not be longer than 16ft/ 5m.

Check that the Auto Drain Pump Cap is securely screwed onto the Drain Outlet and no leakage is occurring due to unsecure connection.

If all above checks are okay, unplug the dehumidifier, and drain off water in bucket manually then plug the product to run again.

If E5 appear again, please contact the Customer Support Center*.

Issue: Damaged or missing parts

Please first contact the retailer where you purchased the unit - they should be able to help you with an exchange if within the return policy period. If your unit is under the first-year warranty (covering parts and labor), you may be eligible for free replacement parts - Please contact our Customer Support Center*. If beyond the 1-year warranty, your needed part may be available for purchase in the parts and accessories section or, at the Honeywell Air Comfort official parts distributor website Sylvane.com.

Issue: Loud or odd noise

Possible fan blower / fan noise issues – abnormal noises coming from inside the unit could be that the blower wheel inside the dehumidifier has been damaged/loosened/ misaligned. Some possible causes are that something dropped into the wheel from the vent, or the unit may have been subject to some impact or major movement.  Contact Customer Support Center* to troubleshoot the issue.

Issue: Unit does not power on

-          Make sure the unit is plugged into a wall outlet. 

-          Check that the outlet has power. 

-          Inspect the electrical outlet or move the unit to another outlet. If the outlet proves to not be working, contact a licensed electrician.  

-          Ensure to press the power button, to turn the unit ON.  

-          Inspect the electrical outlet and ensure that the outlet has sufficient watts or amps to operate the unit.  

-          If a power outage has occurred.  

-          Inspect that the circuit breaker has not tripped. Next, inspect the electrical outlet for power. If the electrical outlet appears damaged or burned DO NOT use it and contact a licensed electrician. 

Issue: Sensor issue

Please refer to error code E1/E2 or error code EH above.

Issue: Warranty registration

Please register your product at this link Product Registration (honeywellaircomfort.com)

Issue: Unit is leaking water

-          Ensure the tank is properly inserted and leveled.

-          Check that the splash guard and handles are snapped in place. 

-          Inspect for any cracks in the bottom of the unit, and in the tank.

-          Float should lie level with the edge of the tank and should not extend higher.

-          Ensure the drain cap is securely fastened.

Issue: Unit not pairing to the app

Wi-fi connection should be at 2.4 GHz. If 5.0 is also active in the home, you must temporarily disable it to pair the unit with the app. 

Press the timer button 6 times to engage the Wi-Fi connection. Both unit and app must be in the same pairing mode (AP or CF)

If in the first attempt you are using the CF Mode, change to AP Mode.

To shut off Wi-Fi, press the timer button 6 times.

Watch the below video and follow the step-by-step process to set up your smart dehumidifier app for easy connectivity and to easily control settings through your mobile device.
Honeywell Smart WiFi-Enabled Portable Dehumidifiers App Set Up Video.


*Contact the Customer Support Center in your country - Contact | Honeywell Air Comfort | Air Cooling Solutions

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